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[Tiansai Textile] Equipment Maintenance

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“ May you live forever”

As part of the company's assets, equipment is the foundation of all manufacturing.

The long-term stability of equipment is of utmost importance, and regular correction of wear and tear caused by equipment work is an important part of the company's work.

In order to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, improve production efficiency and product quality, Tiansai Textile will repair and maintain all the production equipment of the enterprise from the beginning of October to the end of December.

Replace part of the card clothing


According to the analysis of the five major factors of people, machines, materials, rings and laws, the replacement of the card clothing that is not applicable due to some damages, the expiration of the use period and other reasons is replaced.

Grinding needle


In the production process, due to mechanical and chemical action, the tip of the needle and the edge of the needle teeth are abraded, the sharpness, flatness and smoothness of the needle teeth are continuously decreased. The grinding needle is used to improve the wear resistance and sharpness of the needle, thereby improving the production quality. .

Cleaning bearing


The cleanliness or impurities in the bearing work have a considerable influence on the accuracy, noise and life of the bearing. Therefore, the cleanliness of the bearings must be controlled.



After the bearing has been running for a certain period of time, the bearing is dry and damaged due to internal oil shortage. Regular cleaning and refueling of the bearing can prolong its service life, save money and reduce the occurrence of bad cars.

Check proofreading


Regularly check and correct the parameters of the equipment, analyze and adjust the parameters that do not meet the technical requirements, so as to ensure the “health” of the production equipment.

Equipment is an important part of the enterprise, and the quality of the equipment directly affects the normal process of production. We will carry out corresponding maintenance and overhaul of various equipments to ensure that all equipments will create higher quality textile products during the normal operation.

Thanks to the employees who are struggling to repair the front line, you have worked hard!

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