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Tiansai Textile meets you at the yarnexpo autumn and winter Shanghai yarn exhibition

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“ May you live forever”

Keep in mind the industry mission and take responsibility!

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 2019 China International Yarn Expo (yarnexpo) will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on September 25-27, 2019.

As an influential international textile yarn exhibition in Asia,

 Yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition 、

 Intertextile fabric exhibition 、

 CHIC Fashion Show 、

 PHValue Knitting Exhibition ,

Four exhibitions, held concurrently。

This exhibition links the upstream and downstream of the textile industry and brings together the focus of the industry. With the appearance of “textile power” and the appearance of “industrial parade”, it shows the inspiring achievements of the development of “scientific, fashionable and green” in China's textile industry.


Inner Mongolia Tiansai Textile Co., Ltd. will participate in this influential international textile yarn exhibition in Asia. At that time, welcome you, look forward to your support!

Inner Mongolia is endowed with unique geographical and climatic conditions, and also produces the world's fine cashmere fiber.

“Relying on the geographical advantages of the industrial base, we try to excavate the natural properties of the cashmere essence and present excellent yarn. The last time we exhibited our yarns won the favor of professional buyers with quality, and we have won many potential customers. I hope that this exhibition will further develop the company brand and gain more customers."

——Song Hujun, general manager of the company

With the unique business advantages of the yarn exhibition platform, Inner Mongolia Tiansai Textile Co., Ltd. will take its own strengths, start the company brand with the advantages and quality of yarn, win the market with quality, empower the textile and help the environment.

Tiansai exhibits the main products

 Cashmere yarn 

 Cashmere and wool blended yarn 

 Woollen yarn 

Exhibition area

An area of 26,500 square meters

Exhibitors from 14 countries and regions

More than 542 exhibitors

(410 domestic, 132 overseas)

The exhibitors of the yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition are divided into six exhibition areas: creative fancy yarn area, quality yarn area, green hemp area, functional chemical fiber area, natural cotton yarn area and overseas yarn including Indian pavilion and Pakistan area. Area.


In recent years, the new term “sustainable fashion” has gradually evolved into the future development trend of the textile industry. Recycling, liquid coloring, plant dyeing, and intelligent manufacturing will become the key words of this year's yarn exhibition.

The 2019yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition presents the new mainstream of the global textile fashion industry with an international pattern and a forward-looking vision. It releases new trends from the source, focuses on textile innovation, and interprets the infinite imagination of sustainable fashion.

The exhibition platform will become an important stage for textile enterprises to release green environmental protection and high value-added new products. More and more enterprises will bring healthy and innovative products to participate in the exhibition, convey green concepts, create sustainable fashion, and interpret the green of the new era textile industry. Sincerity and a bright future.

This exhibition brings together the global industry focus. The highlights are frequent and exciting. It will build an effective bridge for the industry to gather together and win the future, so that both parties can share the business opportunities and win the textile future. Write China in 2019. The glory chapter of the textile industry.

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