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Inner Mongolia Tiansai Textile Co., Ltd. Helps Ordos Cashmere Expo

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“ May you live forever”

From August 8th to 12th, the five-day 2019 China (Ordos) International Cashmere Wool Conference and Exhibition was held at the Dongsheng District National Fitness Center.

Our company Tianshang Textile participated in this Ordos Cashmere Expo.

The exhibition was hosted by the China International Chamber of Commerce, hosted by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region CCPIT and the Erdos City People's Government, and the Dongsheng District People's Government and the Erdos City CCPIT.

Extremely Wooling and Weaving

The theme of the exhibition is “Extremely Wooling and Weaving”, which promotes the international cashmere and wool industry to exchange and cooperate in a comprehensive chapter of high quality development of cashmere and wool industry.

Yu Jianlong, Secretary General of China International Chamber of Commerce, Lian Su, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the Autonomous Region, Niu Junyan, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Bixi Letu, Chairman of the CPPCC Wang Jianguo, Standing Committee Member of the Municipal Party Committee, Vice Mayor Jin Wu, Vice Mayor Yu Renjie Wait for the leadership to attend the meeting. Zhang Zhanlin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Dongsheng District Committee, presided over the meeting. Lian Su announced the opening of the conference.

Bu Xiaolin, Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government, visited the 2019 China (Ordos) International Cashmere Wool Conference.

The main contents of the conference include the trend of 2020 international cashmere wool industry fashion, the opening ceremony of the host country, the industry summit forum, the new clothing designer competition, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country, the velvet national gift ceremony, exhibition and exhibition, enterprise product promotion, business Negotiation and signing of Chinese and foreign companies.

It is understood that Mongolia has participated in this conference as a "host country", 18 countries including Australia and Ethiopia, and nearly 30 provinces and cities such as Zhejiang, Ningxia and Shandong, and 229 enterprises participated in the exhibition, and 510 buyers participated in the opening ceremony and exhibition. Show.

At the exhibition, our company exhibited various main yarns: pure cashmere yarn, cashmere water soluble yarn, plush blended yarn, velvet blended yarn, yak wool yarn, velvet yarn, cashmere Dot yarn ~

Niu Junyan, secretary of the municipal party committee, said that he hopes to take this meeting as a new starting point and deeply integrate into the construction of the “Belt and Road” to provide new opportunities for the fleece industry chain enterprises around the world and inject new kinetic energy into the development of the world fleece industry. We will build a multi-party exchange and cooperation bridge, continuously expand cooperation areas, and jointly write a new chapter in sharing and achieving win-win development.

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