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God-given Hetao, the world shares! City with cashmere, world famous!

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“ May you live forever”

In ancient times, after entering the Hetao Plain, the Yellow River was divided into two rivers. The South River slightly northward and slowly moved south, forming a huge curved bow. The Beihe River turns northward, passes through Ulan Buh and the Great Desert, turns around at the foot of the Wolf Mountain, and flows eastward along the Yinshan Mountains. The flow to the Ming'an River area was blocked, and suddenly turned to the south stream, and merged with the Nanhe River in Xishanzui. The large-scale impact plain in the Yellow River is called the Hetao.

"Hetao" started in the Ming Dynasty. Because its history has been known for its abundant aquatic plants, there are folk songs, "the Yellow River is a hundred evils, only a set of rich."

According to the research of historical experts, from the Qin and Han Dynasties, the economic development mode of Hetao area is mainly based on the combination of agriculture and animal husbandry, which has lasted for more than 2,000 years. Geographically, Yinshan blocks the cold current of Siberia. The Yellow River moistens millions of acres of fertile soil, and the beautiful freshwater lakes are dotted. The surrounding areas are also surrounded by Ulan Buh and Desert, Wulashan Primeval Forest Park and Urad Prairie. The land gave birth to exceptionally rich products.

Relying on the generous gift of the Yellow River, the Hetao area has achieved the reality of “a thousand miles of yellow rivers and only one set of wealth”. Relying on Bayannaoer's unique agricultural and livestock production resources, Bayannaoer City has put forward the cultural concept of “naturally gifted rivers”, and concentrates on integrating and integrating the high-quality agricultural and livestock products resources of the Hetao Plain to create a region-wide, industry-wide, all-category, The full-fledged agricultural and livestock products regional public brand “natural river set” is pushed to the whole country and to the world.

Talent river set

World sharing

This grand ideal is Bayannaoer's self-confidence in its own resource advantages. With this self-confidence, Bayannaoer's high-quality agricultural and livestock products are unveiled in Hohhot, Guangzhou, Beijing and even New York, creating a brand of “natural gift” and realizing it. The long-cherished wish of "world sharing."

Talent river set,Sheep industry first!

Bayannaoer is one of the main producing areas of mutton in northern China. Because mutton can be sold in the four seasons, many mutton sheep production enterprises have been born and have been praised as “Chinese sheep capital” by the industry.

At present, Bayannaoer City is a region with a very complete national sheep industry chain. It is also a rare prefecture-level city in the country where the mutton can be released in four seasons. The number of mutton sheep, mutton production and annual market share are among the highest in the country. The rare animal breed Erlangshan white cashmere goat is an excellent local breed of cashmere. The cashmere fiber produced is fine, strong, well-formed, shiny and white, and has low thermal conductivity. It is known as "fibre gem" and "soft gold". Reputation.

 First sheep,After velvet!

Over the years, Inner Mongolia has continued to make excellent and strong traditional industrial bases, vigorously revitalize the cashmere industry, promote mergers and acquisitions of cashmere enterprises, and improve industrial concentration. Use "Internet +" to promote product design, marketing model innovation, carry out personalized customization, order-based production, and increase market share. Not only has the raw material industry been rapidly developed, but the downstream products and brand building of cashmere as a characteristic industry have also been greatly improved.

City with cashmere,

world famous

While making full use of the autonomous region to implement the strategy of revitalizing the fluff industry, we will actively seize the major opportunities of the “One Belt and One Road” and the coordinated development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and introduce into the cashmere processing enterprises to form the “Cow Cash Corps” and actively expand Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. We will continue to innovate with the Russia-Mongolian cooperation mechanism, and cooperate with the Mongolian Fluffing Association to achieve cooperation projects such as cashmere acquisition and processing of cashmere sweaters, and accelerate the expansion of the wool industry. The Inner Mongolia cashmere has a strong competition in the cashmere market in the country and the world. It truly realizes the slogan of “World Cashmere Watching China, China Cashmere Watching Inner Mongolia” and achieves the goal of “outside the cashmere, global reputation”.

Tiansai Textile

Inner Mongolia Tiansai Textile Co., Ltd.,

taking Erlangshan cashmere, Alashan cashmere and Mongolian velvet as raw materials,,

provide customers with natural precious fiber products.

The Yellow River is flowing quietly,

The Yin Mountain Range straddles the North.

Mueller sings for thousands of years,

Hetaochuan paradise on earth.

This place, beef and sheep are fat,

This place, the wine is mellow.

This place, thousands of gold waves,

This place, the pastoral melodious.

Plug in the south of the river, green watch,

God gave hetao, the eyes of the world.

God gave hetao, 

the place where the truth flows.

For this dream,

cross the mountains and oceans.

God gave hetao, 

Share with the world.

——《God gave hetao

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