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Tiansai Textile Congratulations on the success of the conference!

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Tiansai Textile congratulated the 26th National Fluffy Conference, the 2nd (2019) China Livestock Industry Poverty Alleviation Conference and the 4th China Fluff Industry Development Summit, and the Bayannaoer Wool Spinning Industry Development Investment Conference was a complete success!

Tiansai Textile wishes that the cashmere industry in Inner Mongolia will flourish and take it to the next level!

From March 26th to 28th, the 26th National Fluff Conference, the 2nd (2019) China Livestock Industry Poverty Alleviation Conference and the 4th China Fluff Industry Development Summit, Bayannaoer Cashmere Industry Development and Investment Promotion The meeting will be held in Linhe District.

The fluff industry is a traditional pillar industry in Linhe District and an important civilian production industry. It plays an important role in prospering the market, expanding exports, absorbing employment, and increasing farmers' income.

In recent years, Linhe District actively encourages and guides the transformation and upgrading of the fluff industry, supports the technical transformation of fluff enterprises, promotes the adoption of new technologies and research and development of new products, and greatly strengthens the core competitiveness.

At present, industrial clusters focusing on enterprises such as Weixin, Chunxue, Haosen, Tianma and Xingsheng have been formed. Among them, Weixin Cashmere Group is a key enterprise for agricultural industrialization. Chunxue, Haosen, Jiushixiang and Mizhen are the key enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Ten Tianma and Shengrong are key enterprises in Bayannaoer City.

In 2018, Linhe District has a total of nearly 6,000 tons of cashmere-free, accounting for more than 40% of the national total. It has become one of the main circulation distribution centers and cashmere-free production bases for high-quality cashmere cashmere in the country. No cashmere, cashmere sweater or cashmere. Scarves and other products are mainly exported to the United States, Britain, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

The conference was hosted by China Animal Product Circulation Association, China Poverty Alleviation Volunteer Service Promotion Association, Bayannaoer Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by Linhe District People's Government. Bayannaoer Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Bayan The Muir City Cashmere Association and other units co-organized.

During the conference, more than 300 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and government representatives from all over the country will present the Inner Mongolia Fuchuan Modern Meat Sheep Industrialization Circular Economy Technology Demonstration Park, Bayannaoer Jintianyang Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Daxing Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Xinnong Group, Linhe District velvet poverty alleviation industrial park, Inner Mongolia Chunxue Cashmere Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Haosen Cashmere Products Co., Ltd., Cashmere Exhibition Hall, Bayannaoer Agricultural Products Exhibition Hall to observe and discuss new brand development industry in the new era Ideas, as well as new measures to help the rural revitalization and poverty alleviation.

The convening of this conference will play an important role in promoting the development of the Linhe fluff industry, promoting the upgrade of the fluff industry in the region, revitalizing the cashmere industry, improving the right to speak in the fluff industry and promoting the development of the livestock industry. Linhe District will take this fluff conference as an opportunity to adapt to the new normal and win-win new development as the goal, strengthen innovation, increase brand building, accurately locate, develop industrial clusters, and strive to become an important base for the development of the national fluff industry.

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